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Lourdes Specialty Hospital

Lourdes Specialty Hospital (LSH) is a 69 bed Long Term Acute Care Hospital (LTACH) also known as a Specialty Hospital. We are conveniently located in Burlington County NJ and easily accessible to most residents of the greater Delaware Valley, southern and central New Jersey.

The hospital is specifically designed and staffed to provide intensive care to patients who are either ventilator dependent or have other medically complex conditions such as extensive non-healing wounds, infections, system failures or complications from surgery. The hospital utilizes a physician led interdisciplinary team of highly skilled clinicians who develop a customized plan of care designed to support and effectively treat some of the most complex clinical conditions found in healthcare. Patients are referred for care at LSH from all over the United States. In the Delaware Valley, 35 community and tertiary care hospitals choose LSH for extended hospitalization and continuity of care.

Since 2005, LSH has been setting the standard of care in the industry, patient clinical outcomes are amongst the best in the nation for ventilator weaning and complex wound healing. Additionally, the staff believes in a providing a culture of quality and an environment of safety where all patients, families and visitors are treated with the upmost respect and dignity. For additional information on quality measures and clinical outcomes please refer to the Clinical Quality outcome page and please visit “Patient Testimonials” to find out what our patients think about the hospital.

We would like to thank you for considering LSH and look forward to being part of your recovery. If you any questions or would like additional information, please contact us at 609-835-3650.