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Jackson Hospital was founded in 1946 as a 36-bed medical facility with five physicians on staff.  In three small frame houses, situated on its present site on Forest Avenue, the original founders soon recognized the need for expansion to adequately serve a growing Montgomery as well as Central Alabama.  They felt, however, that such growth could only then be accomplished if void of private gain.  In 1949, the original five physicians were then joined by seven other physicians in creating Jackson Hospital and Clinic, Inc., a not-for-profit organization.

The Hospital constructed a three-story masonry building in 1950 and, in 1955, a fourth floor was added.  This original building, known as the east wing, contained approximately 40,400 square feet of space.  In 1958, the first four floors of the west wing were constructed. Two additional floors were added in 1970, for a total of 67,000 square feet.  In 1962, a 36,250 square foot four-story south wing expansion project was undertaken; which connected to the east wing on floors two, three and four by a bridge over Pine Street.  In addition to the west wing expansion in 1970, the first five floors of the present 11-story Goode Medical Building were constructed.  The top six floors were completed in 1976 along with a 500-space parking deck.  This building, which primarily houses physician offices, contains approximately 164,000 square feet of space.

In 1978, the construction of the north wing was completed.  This 130,000 square foot expansion houses four nursing units, surgery and recovery and support space.  In 1979, a one-story 9,540 square foot building was constructed adjacent to south wing that currently houses information technology and other departments.

Cardiac catheterization services were initiated at the hospital in 1989 resulting in the construction of several thousand square feet of space for the cath lab.  In 1991, the Hospital completed an 8,000 square foot building for its MRI services.

With the success of the hospital’s physician recruitment program and the expanding nature of existing physician practices in the latter part of the 1980s, office space in the Goode Medical Building was rapidly becoming unavailable.  Because of this, the hospital completed a three-story 41,000 square foot medical office building (known as the 1801 Building) in early 1990, east of the hospital on Pine Street.

In March 1998, the hospital opened its new six-story patient tower, Phase I of an $81 million construction project. Together with an impressive new lobby and gift shop, direct care and ancillary departments from the east, west and south wings were relocated to the new building:  admitting, radiology and emergency departments, outpatient, respiratory and cardiac care services, surgical and critical care intensive care and six medical/surgical nursing units. Two additional nursing units were opened on the sixth floor of this new patient tower and a shelled-in space which was held for future expansion.

In March 1999, Phase II of the construction project was completed with a new three-story building adjacent to the new patient tower.  This building currently stands in the location of the old east and West Wings.  This new building houses the Pine Street Café, community classrooms, post-anesthesia care, additional surgical suites, and the cardiovascular intensive care unit for open heart patients.  The first open heart surgery was performed in the fall of 1999.

In 1999, Jackson Hospital also entered into two for-profit ventures:  Jackson Med-South, a durable medical equipment company with a branch in the Goode Medical Building, and the Jackson Hospital Sleep Lab. January 2000 saw the opening of Jackson’s newest medical office building on Park Place.  It houses additional medical offices.

Recent Facility Construction/Renovations

  • Construction of Jackson Surgery Center and Jackson Imaging Center (2008)
  • Renovation of the McGough Oncology Center (2008)
  • Renovation of Telemetry and Progressive Care Units (2008)
  • Creation of Mom & Baby Center Grand Birthing Suites (2009)
  • Renovation of Medical/Surgical Unit (2010)
  • Construction of Jackson Clinic Family Medicine Center (2011)
  • Renovation of Orthopedic & Joint Center and Advanced Spine Center (2011)
  • Creation of the new Heart Center (2012)
  • Renovation of the Family Birth Center (2015)
  • Recent Service Enhancements

  • Implementation of McKesson electronic health records (2006)
  • Implementation of PACS Imaging System (2006)
  • Creation of Palliative Care Service (2006)
  • Implementation of McKesson Physician Portal (2007)
  • Expansion of Heart Center with Addition of 2nd Philips digital Cardiac Cath Lab (2007)
  • Creation of Orthopedic & Joint Center (2007)
  • Addition of Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (2007)
  • Implementation of McKesson Physician Order Entry (2008)
  • Installation of da Vinci® S HD™ Robotic Surgical System (2008)
  • Creation of Education Center and Patient Simulation Laboratory (2010)
  • Installation of Philips Digital Interventional Radiology Suite (2011)
  • Addition of 3rd Philips digital Cardiac Cath Lab (2012)
  • Upgrade to da Vinci® Si™ Surgical System (2013)
  • Replacement of 179 hospital beds with Stryker InTouch beds (2013)
  • Implementation of Stryker iSuite 3D Navigated Neurosurgical Suites (2014)
  • Addition of Tru-D SmartUVC, germ-eliminating UV disinfection robot (2017)