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Wondering what this new generation is thinking in terms of career pathways and work settings? A new survey sheds some light on the subject.

During the past few years, there has been much lamenting about “those millennials,” and how they just don’t have the same work tendencies as the generations of nurses before them. Often, these assumptions are anecdotal and based off nurse leaders’ personal experiences with the age-based cohort.

The new report, Survey of Millennial Nurses: A Dynamic Influence on the Profession, released by the healthcare staffing company AMN Healthcare, seems to confirm some of these observations. The report compares millennial nurses’ (ages 19-36) responses on the AMN Healthcare 2017 Survey of Registered Nurses to responses from Generation X nurses (ages 37-53) and baby boomer nurses (ages 54-71). The questionnaires were sent out in March and April 2017, and 3,347 RNs completed the survey.

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