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Loma Linda University Medical Center

As the largest hospital in our region, Loma Linda University Medical Center (LLUMC) has over 20 specialties. We are involved in clinical studies and other research programs in areas such as perinatal and molecular biology. We have led the field of infant heart transplantation where we have performed about 50% of the world’s heart transplants in infants less than six months of age, while our Cancer Institute brings focus to cancer research on prevention and treatment. Other areas of research include osteoporosis, mineral metabolism and nutrition.

Johns Hopkins

From the moment you arrive at Hopkins, you become part of a long tradition of distinguished health care. Since our doors opened over a century ago, our mission has been excellence. We strive to lead the world in the diagnosis and treatment of disease and to train tomorrow’s great physicians, nurses, and scientists. Above all, we aim to provide the highest quality health care and service to all of our patients.

SCL Health

In the changing health care landscape, SCL Health focuses on delivering a superior health experience. That is why as part of our organization, you're an associate, a partner in our mission, not simply an employee. We want to invest in you as a companion on our journey, working with us not for us.

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